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Support Donation Body


Support Donation Body


AIDS Concern treasures every donation, regardless of the amount, which enable us to provide people living with HIV empowerment education and support services, as well as free HIV antibody rapid testing and preventive workshops for the public. One-off donations can be made by one of the following methods:


1. e-Donation

Donate online

Online donation is easy, fast and convenient.

Donate online now to support our work!


2. Crossed Cheque

Please make the cheque payable to "AIDS Concern Foundation Limited" and write down your personal information (Donor's name, contact no., email address and correspondence address) on the back, and post to: 17 B, Block F, 3 Lok Man Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong.


3. PPS Donation


PPS registered account holders can dial 18031 (English) or 18033 (Cantonese), or log-in donate to AIDS Concern. 

“AIDS Concern” Merchant Code: 6135
Bill Account Number: 8 digits Contact Number

* Please call 18011 (English) or 18013 (Cantonese) or visit to register your bills.


4. Direct Transfer

You could support AIDS Concern by direct transfer donation through bank teller / ATM electronic teller machines / internet banking platform to the following bank accounts:
HSBC : 575-050265-001
The Bank of East Asia: 144-40-400034-5


5. HSBC ”Charity Donation” e-banking Bill Payment

HSBC internet banking:
Under “Charity Donation”, please select “AIDS Concern” as the beneficiary organisation. Input your 8-digit contact number as the Bill Payee Account Number.


6. Credit Card

Please complete the Donation Form and return it by email at or fax to (852) 2505 1682 or post to Flat 17B, Block F, 3 Lok Man Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong.




2 people are infected with HIV in Hong Kong every day. More young people are infected, which is worrying. Limited government funding and events income are not sufficient for long-term development.
As such, we sincerely invite you to join us as a ”Friends of AIDS Concern”, your donation will help us spread the HIV prevention message and save lives from HIV
! Daily contributions as low as HK $ 4.8 (Monthly Donation HK $ 150), please sign up to be a monthly donor today!


To become a "Friend of AIDS Concern", you could...


1. Complete a Monthly Donation Form and Return by One of the Following Methods:

Fax: (852) 2505 1682
By Post: Flat 17B, Block F, 3 Lok Man Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong

2. Meet with Our Street Fundraising Ambassadors and Take Action:

Every day, two teams of fundraising ambassadors who represent AIDS Concern travel to different regions of Hong Kong to invite the public to join “Friends of AIDS Concern”. Please click here to learn more about our passionate fundraising ambassadors. 


*Donations of HK$100 or above are tax deductible. 

**Please click here (donated by Autopay) or click here (donated by Credit Card) to download the Change of Personal Information or Donation Arrangement Form and return us by Email, Fax or Post.


Something More about Our Street  Fundraising Campaign --- AIDS Concern and the “F2F Monthly Giving Alliance”

AIDS Concern is a organisational member of Face-to-Face (F2F) Monthly Giving Alliance. F2F Monthly Giving Alliance is a charity-led self-regulatory membership body. It promotes accountable face-to-face monthly donors' recruitment in Hong Kong. Promote public understanding on their right to know before engaging to monthly giving to a charitable organisation.

Please click here to learn more about “F2F Monthly Giving Alliance”.




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Donate your legacy to AIDS Concern. Not only can you spread the love you leave behind, you can also help our work of HIV prevention, education and support. Regardless of the amount, all types of legacy donation are welcome. You may consider the following while drawing up your Will.


1. Specific Legacy

This is a gift of a specific asset such as a piece of jewelry, property, stocks or shares.


2. Pecuniary Legacy

This type of legacy is simply a gift of a specific amount, chosen when drawing up or altering your Will.


3. Residuary Bequest

A final instruction in your Will which states a gift of all or part of the balance of an estate after all the other individual gifts have been made.


4. Others

Specific gifts including life insurance policies, endowment funds and other valuables can also be bequeathed to AIDS Concern.

More to Note...

We would be pleased to discuss with you the options for leaving a legacy to AIDS Concern . However, due to potential conflict of interest, AIDS Concern cannot act as an advisor or executor of your Will, hence we strongly recommend you to contact a lawyer for relevant advice and to draw up your Will.

In the event that you have decided to leave a legacy to AIDS Concern, please complete the Legacy Donation Form and return it to us by fax (852) 2505 1682 or email at or mail to Flat 17B, Block F, 3 Lok Man Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong. This will allow us to keep our regular communication with you and to keep you informed about AIDS Concern's work.

Any enquiry, please contact us at 2898 4411 or email at
All related correspondence will be kept strictly confidential.





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1. What Makes AIDS Concern “Unique”?
AIDS Concern is the first NGO in Hong Kong committed to the service of AIDS-care and consultation. Since 1990, we provide services, prevention measures and education campaigns, which are specifically tailor-made for local high-risk communities.
We believe in targeting vulnerable groups in order to have maximum impact on the prevention of HIV infection in Hong Kong. AIDS Concern actively involves these groups in educating themselves about HIV/AIDS. Respect for the individual and empowerment of high risk communities are at the heart of our work.

2. How is AIDS Concern Funded?
About half of our income is from public donations, and half is from the Hong Kong Government AIDS Trust Fund and corporate sponsors. The latter is mostly one-off for a specific project in a designated period of time. We need your support to offer ongoing support to our target communities and sustain services not offered by the Government or other organisations.

3. How Can I Know if My Donation is Properly Used?
We published annual financial reports for our donors’ and public information. As one of our monthly donors, you will receive a quarterly newsletters for more details about how your donation is used and our latest development.

4. Can I Cancel My Monthly Donation at Anytime?
Yes, if you would like to stop your monthly donation, please contact our office at (852) 2898 4411 or via email at . 

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Support Corporate


Support Corporate


To engage the general people from all walks of life and to create a public platform to promote the vision of TRIPLE ZERO, we believe corporates and other stakeholders play a key role in supporting our services and daily operation apart from public donations.    

Event Sponsors

AIDS Concern is grateful for the tremendous support of various corporations over the years. We invite you to be our corporate sponsors for our meaningful events.

In November 2015 we held a 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner at The Langham, Hong Kong. The hotel kindly sponsored the venue and held a month-long campaign where part of the proceeds from a menu and cocktails were donated to AIDS Concern.


In November 2015 we also held a charity run Love Love Run, supported by Title Sponsor Dah Sing Insurance.

Plukka is organising the Hong Kong Premiere of The Danish Girl in February 2016, where all proceeds go directly to AIDS Concern.

Durex HK also supports our various events and initiatives.

Tailor-made Workshops and Sharing Sessions

If your company is interested to invite us to attend or host workshops or sharing sessions and deliver knowledge that related to HIV/AIDS, please feel free to contact our Corporate Partnerships and Events Team.

AIDS Concern and Corporate Social Responsibility

We actively promote corporate social responsibility. At AIDS Concern, we strongly believe that corporate plays an important role in spreading the positive message of HIV prevention and education. Please feel free to contact us for more information. 



We are looking forward to different forms of partnership and sponsorship opportunities with you, including sharing, workshops, events, outreach programmes and other tailor-made opportunities such as research and press conference.

For more information, interested corporates or parties please kindly contact us at:
Telephone:2898 4411


Support Gift


Support Gift